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Gifts and Legacies

Our aim is to enable visually impaired people to maintain their independence.

Making a Difference by Gift, Legacy or Donations in Memorial

We all know that there is a time we will no longer be here and our families, friends and organisations we have valued, who have been a part of our lives, will remain …

We very much appreciate and rely on support from people, like yourself, now and in the future.  Making a gift, legacy or donation helps Sight Advice to make a difference to the people we meet every day.  People of all ages who might be newly affected by sight loss, living with a deteriorating condition, or experience a sudden trauma which leaves the person in a completely new world, the world without vision.

If you would like a chat about how you can help make a difference to people living with sight loss, now and in the future, please contact us to have an informal chat with Aileen Ward, our Gifts and Legacies Officer at Sight Advice South Lakes, by calling 01539 769055 or by emailing on

‘Will For Good’ making a difference with Sight Advice South Lakes

If you would like to make a gift, write a will or change a current will, we can offer you the opportunity to do so for FREE via our partnership with Bequeathed a legal provider of such services.

Why we ask you to consider a gift to charity (

You can register online today and arrange a phone, online or in person meeting.

Please note our partnership with Bequeathed means your will is private, confidential and drafted/ confirmed by you and a qualified solicitor.

Although we are able to offer this opportunity to people without any requirement that you will make a gift to Sight Advice South Lakes, we hope that you will consider us as a valued charity and want, as we do, to continue to be here in the future for the children and adults who have sight loss.


Thank you!